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Light Runner
Half endless runner, half launcher game, Light Runner is a unique mash-up of two popular genres. First: try to get as far as you can.
Zmash Tx
In this Zombie shooter game, the only way to survive is to fight fire with fire and dish out some serious damage!
Car Games
Car games is a series of casual flash games, all car oriented for your enjoyment.
Crash Course
Fuel up your jet and go for a ride through this exciting obstacle course.
Crazy Mustang
You are a vampire on the run. Fly as far as you can away from the villagers, using all necessary weapons to stay afloat.
Crazy Mustang
The mustang Monster truck is back again. Hop in and Jump over obstacles and crush everything in your path..
Audi 3D Racing
Choose your Audi sports car and unlock four different tracks to race opponent drivers. Use your mouse and keyboard to play this game.
Mojo Karts
Get in your mojo kart and race through hills and dead cities. Choose from four different unique tracks.
Demolition Race
Get in your cruise tanker and race through the arena, destroying any enemy cars that come your way.
Race To Kill
You are a hired skilled driver brought in to blow up the enemies base. Race to set off the bomb while avoiding the SWAT team.
ATV Tag Race
Choose your Atv ride and race against time. See which bike rides faster!...
Crazy Mustang
Get in your High wheels mustang and trample over cars and big trucks!...
GreenField Racer
Get in your sports car and beat the time it takes to go through curves on each track.
Beach Racer
Race against 9 opponents and make sure you get to the finish line first.

The world of online bike games is immensely popular and wide. They meet every taste and desire and everyone from a geek to adventurer would find the online motorbike racing games interesting. That is why we've created Bike-games.net. Here you will find popular Dirt bike and stunt bike games like Stunt Dirt Bike, Dare Devil, Wheelers, and many more. They offer excellent playing experience to all players.